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Bulletin Announcements

Bulletin Announcements are our quick and convenient links and resources for activities, events and service projects going on at St. James.

If you think you heard something in the announcements, or saw something on social, or read something in your email, but can’t quite put your hands on it, this is your go-to-site to get all of the details.

Regular Communications

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The Messenger (monthly newsletter)

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Donation Collections

The Congregation at St. James is passionate about giving to the community. It seems that we are always doing or collecting to benefit and help others. Check out ways that you can give to others in our local and global communities!

Contact a Member of the Staff

Andrew Geib

Libby Baker-Mikesell
Candidate for Ordination

Jonathan Noel
Minister of Music

Adam Michael
Director of Youth & Family Ministry

Katy Clowney
Church Administrator

Julie Albert
Administrative Coordinator

Tom Bender
Building Superintendent