109 York Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Sunday School

Weekly Sunday School is held from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. on Sundays for all ages.

Sunday School is free, and it’s open to all members of our community — church membership is not required. Youth Sunday School takes place during the school year, and there are a variety of Adult Sunday School classes which take place year round!

Sunday School

During the school year, children from ages 4 through 5th grade meet in age-grouped classes.

PreSchool – PreK

Room 306 (upper level) – Marianne Drummond & Katie Becker

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Room 305 (upper level) – Sharon Kaya, Melinda Johnson, and Bridget Munsee

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Room 302 (upper level) – Julie Dunlop & Melanie Finkenbinder


St. James has a three-year confirmation program for Grades 6, 7, and 8 which meets in the Youth House on the upper level. Our pastors and several enthusiastic adult mentors serve as confirmation leaders. 

High School

Our Youth Minister leads our High School Sunday School class which meets in the Youth House on the lower level.

Adult Classes

On Sundays year-round, there are six adult classes which provide a variety of learning experiences. Some classes focus on Bible Study, other classes focus on current social issues, and other classes highlight Christian life issues.  The best advice is to try several out and choose one which fits your needs and interests!

Adult Discussion Class

Library, Room 200 (main level) – contact, Judy Leslie

Every Sunday the Adult Discussion Class enjoys timely presentations related to religion or Christian outreach by church members or outside guests, followed by discussion.  The entire hour is devoted to study and discussion.*

Exploring Faith

Room 300 (upper level) – contacts, Jenny Wood & Norma Wood

The class studies a variety of theological writers and biblical texts, and recently has been reading and discussing a book as a class.  Past books have been, Hallelujah Anyway:  Rediscovering Mercy by Anne Lamott.   Collaborative in leadership, the class discusses what it means to live faithfully. 

Faith & Fellowship Class

Room 309 (upper level) – teacher, Gary Shaffer

The class enjoys fellowship and a light breakfast (provided by class members) at 9:30 a.m., then at 10:00 a.m., the class discusses topics selected from the Wired Word (which Gary emails to class members for preview).  

Miracle Workers

Room 303 (upper level) – Amanda Bair and Carrie Bixler

The Miracle Workers are a group of individuals with unique abilities. They meet regularly during the Sunday School hour, but also gather socially on a regular basis. They have movie night at the church the first and third Saturday of the month and have lunch the second Sunday of the month at McDonald’s on Steinwehr Ave. The Miracle Workers are also passionate about service projects; they have a team that walks in the Relay for Life.  

Movers & Shapers

Room 301 (upper level) – contact, Jim Dunlop

Our lessons are typically focused on current events, parenting challenges & experiences, and relationships with the occasional guest teacher.  While there is a teacher of the class, participants often take turns leading the discussion.  The curriculum most used is the Wired Word which draws on current event stories while bringing in a biblical perspective.  Class members also try to have regular social gatherings outside of Sunday mornings that are sometimes just adults or involve all family members.  Our class is very focused right now on increasing participation of children in the life of the congregation, especially during worship.  

The Movers and Shapers class welcomes anyone to join the discussion, most notably parents with young children.  Those with children too young for Sunday School are encouraged to bring their infants and toddlers with them.  Class is held during the school year; there is no class during the summer months.

The Seekers

Room 204 (main level) – contact, Lucinda Bringman

The Seekers read the lectionary (lessons appointed for worship) the week before and then discuss what themes are present, how the texts relate or how they don’t seem to relate. We consider what one might identify as the main theme, and talk about what someone might preach or focus on. We use the NRSV which is the translation used in worship, but we also regularly reference the Lutheran Study Bible, The Harper Collins Study Bible and The Message for additional insights or background. We have fellowship in the Gathering area and then meet in Room 200 (between the Stratton St. narthex and the choir room) and generally begin discussion around 9:50 a.m.